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Carrera cars
Carrera cars
Supreme quality, innovative technologies and a breathtaking racing atmosphere attract fans of all ages to Carrera circuits and promise an unbeatable level of racing fun in homes everywhere. In 2014, the Carrera product line offers plenty of brand new sets and cars for dedicated slot car freaks, hobby racers and beginners alike. Exclusive worldwide reproduction license agreements with Ferrari and Red Bull in the slot car segment guarantee authentic Formula 1 racing excitement at home.
carrera cars  old
carrera cars old
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n40203 pit lane
1. n40203 pit lane

Price: 49.75 / 55.72


no longer made

n40204 multi lane kit
2. n40204 multi lane kit

Price: 37.75 / 42.28


Ideal for competitive racing in larger, club type circuits. Used to expand your N-Digital layout to four, six or eight lanes.

N50513  lamborghini
3. N50513 lamborghini

Price: 37.50 / 42.00


online catalogue | SLOT CARS  |  CARRERA