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Davic digital

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Davic digital systemDavic digital system
Use standard analogue controllers such as parma. Davic Evo 3 allows you to use power from 5 to 20 volts. The car lane is by a seperate make and break button which can be built into the controller or by using a seperate stick button.

The Davic system and lap counter have been tested since 1998 at French clubs and at international events.
Davic is a tool intended for both the home racer and for the club racers.

Davic Evo3 makes it possible to you to run up to 15 cars independently controlled.It is simple in its design and is 'plug and play'. The design of the digital davic chip and minature connectors make conversion to digital and back very simple.

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Ideal for competitive racing in larger, club type circuits. Used to expand your N-Digital layout to four, six or eight lanes.

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online catalogue | Digital cars, sets & track |  Davic digital