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Fly Spares

Note Fly spares wheels and tyre trims cannot be specified. Fly use the same part number with various colours and tyre writing or plain tyres! If you need a specific match thre is no guarantee.

most wheel and axles and tyres are sold out. We have a few Chassis and spoilers and mirrors


call for more info


best racers and models straight out of the box ready to race no more expenditure!

Sloting Plus spares

spare, tools and cars


list to follow

best sellers

Best sellers list

n40203 pit lane
1. n40203 pit lane

Price: 49.75 / 55.72


no longer made

n40204 multi lane kit
2. n40204 multi lane kit

Price: 37.75 / 42.28


Ideal for competitive racing in larger, club type circuits. Used to expand your N-Digital layout to four, six or eight lanes.

N50513  lamborghini
3. N50513 lamborghini

Price: 37.50 / 42.00


online catalogue |  Spares - Tools & motors