fs042101 GTO targa Florio 1963fs042101 GTO targa Florio 1963
FlySlot Cars CK5 Kremer Porsche Le Mans 1982 Ted Fields, Danny Ongais & Bill Whittington #5. This LM FlySlot CK5 Kremer Porsche is a fantastic reproduction of a classic Le Mans 1/32 scale model slot car with super fine detail, track performance is superb with super fast motor & strong magnet. Beautifully designed, presented in a clear crystal case with authentication inlay card for your collection. FlySlot CK5 Kremer Porsche slot cars are manufactured with detail likened to die-cast with a superior unique quality. Fly-Slot only make limited numbers of the slot cars on short run productions and will not reproduce the same model, so once they are sold out that's it, no more can be purchased making them highly collectable. The limited edition slot cars are obviously more desirable, however all Fly-Slot cars can and have increased in value many times there original cost. FlySlot CK5 Kremer Porsche model slot cars are compatible with all other 1/32 manufacturers Analogue slot car track systems as well as their Digital tracks where limitations permit such as Scalextric, Ninco, SCX and Carrera much like Slot.It, Spirit, Cartrix, Avant Slot, NSR, Sloter, MRRC, MB Slot, HPI Racing, Racer and Revell slot cars are, enabling you to enjoy all of the slot cars that you want and I / we enjoy on one slot car track system of your choice. FlySlot Cars F-060101 CK5 Kremer Porsche Le Mans 1982 Ted Fields, Danny Ongais & Bill Whittington #5. FlySlot FS-060101.